“If ever the statement, “Time Is Money” applies accurately, it does when an insurance claim occurs.”

When disaster strikes from fire, wind, or water causing a total or partial loss, the list of issues and logistics exponentially grow. Although the restoration/remediation “preferred group” is long and distinguished, it is not common for a company to offer exclusive total and partial loss services (demolition, engineering, reconstruction) to the insurance industry, on a dedicated basis. We meet both Residential and Commercial needs.

The Rebuild Response Group is committed to offering and creating a professional platform on which integrity, quality, and clear communication will transform how the industry operates. Over 50 years of experience gives us the opportunity to position ourselves for long term growth and excellent customer service.

We resolve these challenges that often negatively effect the claim process:

  • A lot of time is expended on locating, contacting, and retrieving estimates for demolition.
  • Municipal officials and building departments expect demolition ASAP.
  • Engineers need to be contacted and consulted with on site to determine structural impact, and a plan of action required.  Soils contaminated potentially need to be assessed expeditiously and efficiently.
  • Time must be spent with the Insured to determine replacement/existing building details.
  • Estimates can take a long time to come back from building contractors, delaying the approval and rebuilding process/timelines.
  • Quality concerns and issues arise during and following the rebuild/replacement process.


The Rebuild Response Group recognizes that we serve two clients:


The Insurance Professional & The Insured Owner


Both are commonly challenged by the long delays in the review process before any replacement planning has even been initiated. We have identified how we can facilitate this scenario through our various, focused and professional services. View our Services Here.

Insurance Professional Reviews:

Rebuilding a house after it has been destroyed by a fire or other disaster is much different than building a house during normal circumstances.  After a disaster, people are generally not as excited about the rebuild process as they would be when they are building their first house or their dream home.

It takes a special builder to get through this unwanted process smoothly.  In recent years PCA Adjusters has been fortunate to be involved in many total rebuild Insurance Claims where Rebuild Response Group has been the builder.   These difficult situations are always made smooth and are handled with the utmost professionalism, compassion and efficiency.  Their communication and customer satisfaction is second to none.

Eric C, PCA Adjusters

Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Company began its relationship with Rebuild Response Group in 2012.  Since that time Rebuild Response has built 9 homes for our Insured’s who have sustained devastating fire loses.  As you can appreciate, the Insured’s are going through a very difficult time, all while being bombarded with questions and being asked to make decisions so that their lives can get back to normal.

I can assure you that any rebuilds that Rebuild Response Group have handled for our Company have left the insured and our Company have been handled professionally and to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved.  Would I recommend Rebuild Response Group…absolutely, without a doubt, they are a great business partner.

Susanne L, Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Co. 

After our Policy Holder has experienced a severe loss, we turn to Rebuild Response Group for residential reconstruction projects. A trusted business partner, they share our commitment to high quality workmanship and reliable, personalized customer service for our membership.

Mike S, L&A Mutual Insurance Co. 

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