Early and professional removal of a damaged structure is vital to ensure safety and reflect responsibility to the insured and the community surrounding the traumatic event. As time is of the essence, we can provide immediate demolition, as directed, or at minimum supply an estimate within 24 hours notification of the incident. We will also communicate with the Building Department, who issues the demo permits, and other officials to liaison and facilitate the early stages of site management.


It is critical to prevent liability concerns and ensure a highly professional and credible review procedure throughout the loss replacement/management process. Many demolition permits require having an engineer cover and direct the removal. Our 3rd party engineer will be available to inspect the site to determine the structural damage – defining the site as a partial loss or total loss.  Often the Insurer will appoint their own engineer to do so.

A designated substance report (DSR) is now provided within our demolition estimates as is required by the Ministry of Labor/OSHA.  This determines the presence of any materials such as, asbestos, silica, lead paint, etc, which requires professional abatement/removal by our team.

Toxic waste, fluids, and fuel spills on a site need to be handled with significant caution and care. The engineer will assess and cooperate with Ministry of Environment / Conservation officials as necessary, to create solutions and implementation plans. Occasionally, during the rebuild/replacement phase, our engineer will also inspect and direct where required to ensure a top quality, professional product delivered to the Insured. Only Registered/Licensed, Independent Third Party Professional Engineers work on our team.

New Construction:

Under the Rebuild Response Group we offer a Tarion – New Home Warranty Registered Building Service. Our experienced team will rebuild/repair any home or commercial structure–all sizes and shapes. Close contact with the designer/engineer, building inspectors, and our client most importantly, ensures a successful outcome. From the retrieval of existing home/structure details to providing the Insurance Professional/Insured Owner an initial replacement estimate, followed by the planning/design stages of the new dwelling, we focus solely on the needs of both our clients. Our client references will attest to the fact that our commitment to integrity, quality, and clear communication is at the heart of our business in serving you.

Custom estimates submitted upon request

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